Privacy Policy
    Camera repair estimates:
  • There is no charge for estimating repairs, and there is no return shipping charge for items that we cannot repair! A return shipping charge of $9.95 will apply to all equipment for which the customer declines the estimate, however.

  • Parts allowance:
  • Depending on the equipment being repaired, there is a $30.00 parts allowance included in the standard price when we quote you a repair estimate.

  • Renegotiation:
  • We make estimates in good faith. However, if we find something else substantial wrong with the camera equipment, we will inform you of a new estimate and not proceed until you authorize that estimate. You have the option to decline at that point and we will return the camera as it was delivered to us.

  • Shipping:
  • All repairs are shipped UPS Ground unless otherwise requested. It greatly simplifies our shipping system to quote a flat rate. The flat rate is $9.95 and applies to all repairs and cleanings. We feel this is a good compromise.
  • Users are responsible for the shipping to and from in the case that there is a warranty repair.

  • Payment:
  • All repairs must be paid for before work is returned. If you refuse to make the payment within 33 days after you have approved a repair, the camera will automatically become the property of

  • Warranty:
  • Starting from the shipping date, all equipment we repair is covered for 186 days (31 * 6 = 186 = 6 months). Only those parts that were replaced or repaired are covered.

  • Liability:
  • We are not responsible for items lost 33 days after the date of "repair complete" notification.
  • We are not responsible for film, tape, digital media, or batteries and bulbs left in equipment. In the case that you send a battery and charger for a digital camera at our request, this does not apply.
  • We are not responsible for any expense, loss, or inconvenience as a result of a faulty repair, or delays in our repair service. However, if a repair is done improperly, it is covered under our warranty.
  • Our warranty does not cover any damage inflicted on the equipment including, but not limited to impact, moisture and liquid, sand, high temperature, battery leakage, chemical corrosion, tampering, or any operation that would be abuse and/or contrary to the operating manual. We are the final arbiters of what constitutes abuse.

  • Refund Policy:
  • We stand behind our work. Upon receipt verify that the repair is complete. If it is not satisfactory for whatever reason please call us to submit another repair ticket. If we cannot complete the repair, or cannot complete it economically, we reserve the right at any time to refund your repair price minus shipping.

  • Camera Store
  • Some items that are brand new in box are not returnable at all; this is duly noted on the particular items, and on "shopping cart." Other items have a return policy as noted.

    Please note that the items must be returned in original condition. Damage to items will be assessed by us and you will be charged accordingly. We are the final arbiters of the cost of aforementioned damage.

    Additionally, we reserve the right to charge a restocking fee (though we will waive it often) on returns of up to 15%.

    All items are non-returnable after 30 days.

    Non-new items can be returned to us promptly with no change to you (other than shipping) after a short evaluation period of 7 days. Items must be shipped within said 7 days. The purchaser is responsible for return-shipping and and insuring the individual items for at least the respective values enumerated on the receipt of purchase. Purchaser is responsible for adequate packaging and ultimate execution of insurance via shipper if damage does occur.

    Return shipping within 7 days avoids our application of restocking fees. Please see this link for packing tips.